Creating a community powered knowledge base for Umbraco headless, about client's needs and freedom for developers

By combining the knowledge and experience within the Umbraco community, the goal is to create a knowledge base about everything Umbraco headless. 'What is headless, why do you need headless, what did you encounter using headless?' Those are some of the questions we like to answer. Bring us your experiences, tips & tricks and anecdotes. Together we build a source of knowledge.

Our first step is to get as much input as we can. Starting of with a questionnaire with a variety of multiple choice and open question, and with statements for you to react to. These responses will help create this platform and shape its future.

The power lies with the community. Help each other learn, grow, innovate and experience. whether you're new to the subject, or are a Headless veteran, we need your help. So reach out and help shape this community.

Question yourself

The first option is to fill out the questionnaire. This questionnaire will give an insight in the what, the how and the why within the community.

Let's talk

Contribute to what you would like to see. Reach out to us and tell us where you see opportunities, to make this our story.

Be part of it

Start using a Headless Architecture in your projects, and start learning. Together we are strong, together we are the community!